Doctors, Nutritionists, Psychologists available to heal your IBS, GERD, Bloating, Gastritis and other digestive issues

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Here is what our customers have to say about us

Prafull Rao, 28

I had been suffering from acidity and bloating quite often. I came across Peping and booked a consultation with Dr Tarun. I got to know the symptoms I was having were leading to GERD. The Doctor's diagnosis was thorough and helped me in early detection. Peping then provided me a treatment kit, nutrition plan to help me recover from my issues.

Surbhi Somani, 30

I was detected with IBS 2 years back but always struggled with frequent flaring up of my symptoms. I've been on Dr Tarun's care plan, which has been working nicely for me. I'm happy to find out methodically what works for me and what does not. Would highly recommend Peping's care plan.

Ashat Mehta, 29

I wanted to get off medicines for my IBS. Peping helped me in all dimensions of my journey. I could find the nutrition pan, life coach and the right Doctors all in one place. Been a subscriber of their service for few months now and would highly recommend them.

Aman Mathur, 31

Visiting Gastro Doctors was a frequent affair for me because of IBS. Peping's care plan and daily support with the Care team was a game changer. Managing IBS has been a great experience with them and I've seen drastic changes in my condition. Earlier I would need to visit a doctor every few months when my issues would crop up but with Peping I have been able to build a routine that has helped me solve the problem at the root.

How it works?

When it comes to tackling Gastrointestinal Issues or improving Gut Health, there is no quick fix or one-size fits-all solution


Thorough diagnosis of your case through a personalized one-on-one consultation


Personalised treatment plan designed exclusively for you


Holistic care with nutrition plan, supplements and therapy as per specific needs


Follow-up consultation and round-the-clock support to ensure lasting and sustainable results

Peping is a digital clinic that delivers end to end gastrointestinal care through deep diagnosis and fixing your nutrition and lifestyle.

Peping takes a holistic approach in resolving your gut issues. Our GI care team looks at everything from your lifestyle to your test reports to diagnose and treat the root cause of your issues.

What do we offer

Dedicated care team that you can reach anytime

  • Certified doctors
  • Certified nutritionists
  • Care Navigators
  • Certified psychologists

Access to Diagnostic Testing and Prescriptions

  • Doctor prescribed testing - Blood and Stool
  • Prescription treatments based on symtomps

Personalized Care Plan that fits into your lifestyle

  • Required supplements and/or nutraceuticals recommendations
  • Personalized food & nutrition recommendations from Registered Dieticians to bring in balance in overall nourishment
  • Brain-Gut therapy and lifestyle support including sleep, stress reduction and physical movement
  • Holistic recovery through consistent lifestyle changes and healthy habits

Track and moderate everything

  • Daily checkins and 24/7 live support
  • End to end health tracking and reporting

Your 360 degree care team

Certified doctors

To identify the underlying cause of your problem and receive a targeted care plan that focuses on alleviating symptoms and effectively managing your condition/p>

Behavioral coach

To help you guide on seamlessly integrate your care plan, including any necessary lifestyle changes and adjustments, into your daily routine

Certified dietitians

To provide a well-balanced diet plan that helps reduce symptoms and improves overall quality of life

Our GI care experts work
closely with you to...

  • Optimize your treatment plan to improve results
  • Turn healthy habits into lifelong practices
  • Handle any GI-related issues that come up in daily life
  • There for you during your entire journey
  • Dr Rizwan Ahamed Z

    Consultant Gastroenterologist MD DM (Gastroenterology)

  • Dr Tarun Sebastian Joseph

    MD DM DNB Gastroenterology and hepatology

  • Ranjani Raman

    M.Sc.(DFSM), CDE, PGCPDN Certified in low FODMAP diet Member of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India(NSI)

  • Sandhya Soundararajan

    MSc. Psychological Counseling, Trained in Trauma-informed Psychological Interventions, Life Skills training and Hypnotherapy

Peping Holistic Gut Health Care

Peping's model of holistic care is guided by some of the best gastroenterologists, psychologists, and nutritionists. Our medical team provides wholesome support and care that involves working on your root gastric issue and improving your nutrition and lifestyle to heal your gut.

Heal your gut with 24x7 care

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