What is Peping?

Peping is India’s first digital healthcare clinic that delivers a comprehensive and patient-centric Gastrointestinal care.

Our team of Gastroenterologist Doctors, Nutritionists, Lifestyle coaches and Care navigators work together to provide the best-in-class care and management for functional Gastric disorders like IBS, GERD, Dyspepsia, Gastritis, Celiac disease etc.

Why is Peping Required?

More than 30% of Indians have Gastrointestinal disorders. 67% of these have issues like IBS and GERD. Essentially 140 million people in India are suffering from chronic gut health issues. 

Gut health issues are the new endemic in building. Our sedentary lifestyles and poor nutritional habits have put a significant strain on our Guts. We as a generation are at a greater risk of sliding into developing serious Gastric disorders that significantly dent the quality of life. Peping wants to be your trusted go-to healthcare provider for solving any and every gastric issue.

How will Peping do it

We understand that dealing with digestive health issues can be overwhelming and difficult, which is why we strive to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. With our personalised approach, an amazing team of healthcare professionals and advanced technology platform, we aim to provide the highest quality care possible for GI issues.

The current Patient relief rate of functional gastric disorders in India is a mere 5%. Peping wants to take this to above 30% and set a benchmark for the world. 


Join us in our mission of making 1 Billion Guts healthy!