Your gut is
at the core

Traditional Healthcare does not do justice to our bodies. Our holistic approach is changing it.

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Your gut is home to billions of microorganisms


90% of the serotonin is produced by the good bacteria.


Acidity, bloating, acid reflux are all signs of bad gut health.

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Peping Holistic
Body Science

Working with a strong team from various spectrums, we aim to deliver results with a holistic, evidence based approach

Gut is the


The body plays various roles when it comes to sleep and movement and stress


The connection between the brain and the enteric (gut) nervous system influences digestion and mood


Using food as medicine to support the growth of healthy and diverse microbiome within our bodies

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Contributing factors to your body's imbalances

Our holistic approach provides right supplements/medications, nutrition, and support to keep your mind, body and gut happy and healthy


Nutrition, digestion and exploring food insensitivities


The microbiome, made up of trillions of bacteria, that work together to maintain a healthy gut


Anxiety and stress also contribute to the problem


Good quality sleep is also essential for a healthy gut


Body movement is at the core of keeping the gut healthy


Our relationships with others can also have an impact

Heal your gut with 24x7 care

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Did you know that 80% of the immunity cells are present in the gut?

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Did you know that a healthy gut is the ultimate beauty hack?

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