Solving Gastro issues with gut microbiome test

Gastroenterologists, Nutritionists, Care Navigators available to provide relief from chronic bloating, chronic constipation, IBS, GERD and other digestive issues

Gut microbiome test by Experts

What is Gut Microbiome?

There are tens of trillions of microorganisms of species like bacteria, viruses, protozoa and fungi residing in our gut forming the gut microbiome

Your gut is at the core


Your gut is home to thousands of different species of microorganisms. A healthy gut microbiome leads to better immunity


90% of the serotonin is produced by the good bacteria. A gut imbalance can bring down your mood.


Issues like acidity, bloating, acid reflux, gassy stomach are all signs of bad digestion and an unhealthy gut.

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Wondering if you have a Leaky Gut? Take Peping's leaky Gut test to find out

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How it works

Analyze your gut

  • Root cause analysis of the problem with the gut health test
  • Understand the composition of gut microbiota
  • Find out much needed good gut bacteria that are in deficit
  • Find out the strains of bad bacteria in gut and if there is fungi overgrowth

Create the right nutrition

  • Restore the gut with a nutrition rich diet
  • Add food items that give your body the good bacteria needed
  • Identify trigger foods and eliminate those from the diet
  • Get to a wholesome diet that increases good gut bacteria naturally

Constant Support

  • 80+ meal options to give you variety
  • Constant Support on WhatsApp
  • Weekly consultation call with our gut health nutritionist
  • Probiotic recommendations
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I was recently diagnosed with IBS. I wasn’t very happy knowing I got it at my age and was desperately looking for a permanent solution. I found Peping through Instagram and the folks there suggested I take up the Gut microbiome test for a detailed analysis of my Gut. I took the test and got personalised recommendations from them on what to eat, what probiotic supplements to use. Upon following their plan, I started noticing improvements in my bloating in 3 weeks. I also am very happy to get rid of the fatigue and bad mood that came with IBS. Special thanks to the Peping team for helping me out in such a unique and precise way.


Sceptical at first, I am so glad that I made up my mind to take the microbiome test. The report had a wealth of information about the composition of my gut bacteria and directed me in a very clear way to make positive lifestyle and dietary changes. I feel better than ever and try to stick to its recommendation. Kudos to the Peping Nutritionist who hand held me throughout the journey and kept me motivated to make these changes.


I was tired of the cycle of going to a Gastroenterologist and taking medicines. I even tried Ayurvedic medicines but nothing helped with my bloating and constipation. I really wanted to try and get out of it and came across the Gut microbiome test & dietary plan that comes along with it. I became self aware about my Gut health post taking the test. I was really impressed with the results and didn’t mind the cost really. My digestion is way better than I started, I feel fuelled and for some reason more focussed. Would highly recommend Peping’s package to people suffering with chronic gastric issues like myself

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Our GI care experts workclosely with you to...

Optimize your treatment plan to improve results

Dr Rizwan Ahamed Z

Consultant Gastroenterologist MD DM (Gastroenterology)

Turn healthy habits into lifelong practices

Ranjani Raman

M.Sc.(DFSM), CDE, PGCPDN Certified in low FODMAP diet Member of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India(NSI)

Handle any GI-related issues that come up in daily life

Dr Tarun Sebastian Joseph

MD DM DNB Gastroenterology and hepatology

There for you during your entire journey

Sandhya Soundararajan

MSc. Psychological Counseling, Trained in Trauma-informed Psychological Interventions, Life Skills training and Hypnotherapy

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How is the gut microbe test done?


Stool test sample is collected from home


DNA is extracted and sequenced


Data created from this is analyzed


The report is generated with actionable insights

What does the nutrition plan contain

Kick off with a consultation call with our medical coach to understand dietary habits that might be causing bloating

Customised nutrition plan will be shared for the week. We include the foods that will give relief from bloating

Objective is to understand the trigger foods that might be causing bloating

Progress will be closely tracked on WhatsApp and Trackers

Follow Up call to understand the progress of Week 1 and identify foods that might be triggering your bloating

Revised nutrition plan after removal of trigger foods with no compromise on nutrients and eating a variety of foods

Adding foods that will provide healing to the digestive system and reduce bloating

Follow-up question on WhatsApp to understand if any bloating still persists

Summary Call to conclude the findings and recommendations to lead a healthy life and free from bloating

A holistic nutrition plan consisting of 100+ food options will be sent

Details of food that is to be included, avoided and consumed in moderation

Your gut health improvement Plan will include

  • Gut microbiota test report along with explanation from a Certified gut health nutritionist

  • Customised Weekly Gut health Nutrition Plans to keep the trigger food and gastric issues at bay

  • Weekly Consultation Calls with Nutritionist to discuss the problem, current dietary habits, diet plans, progress, Q&A

  • Trackers to update the progress

  • WhatsApp Support from 10 AM -7 PM

  • Guidelines on Lifestyle Modification Strategies to get relief from gastric issues

  • Probiotic Recommendation

  • Gut bacteria test kit delivered to & picked up from your doorstep

How will you feel at the end of the plan?

  • Restored gut microbiome

  • Disease risk management

  • Understanding of trigger foods

  • Understanding of healthy foods

  • Long and sustainable results

  • Significant improvement in your condition


Gut microbiome is used to refer to the set of microbes (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi) in your intestines. Your gut microbiome is an extremely important part of your body. It contributes immensely to your food digestion, metabolism, immunity, mood and overall well being.

The test is for everyone who wants to get their gut tested. Whether you are facing chronic gut health issues like IBS, IBD etc or are just looking to improve your overall Gut health, this test would help you understand your gut bacteria on a granular level.

After you book the gut microbiome test, we send you a kit to collect your stool sample, which comes with a detailed instruction leaflet. You can use the components of the kit to safely take a stool test yourself. Once done, you can book a pickup of the test (recommended to do same day) and we will collect it and send it to our lab. You do not need to visit a physical lab at any point of the process.

Yes. You should avoid taking the tests if:

  • You are currently pregnant
  • You are going through a menstrual cycle. You can take the test either before or after the cycle
  • You have consumed any kind of antibiotics in the past 2 weeks of taking the test
  • You have consumed alcohol or any other recreational drugs 24 hours before taking the the test
  • Have had viral/fever/bacterial infection in the past 7 days of taking the test

We recommend you collect the first stool of the day for the sample

The gut microbiome test gives you a detailed analysis of your gut microbiota composition and insights on the risks of developing certain lifestyle disorders. The test goes deep into analysing the strains of good gut bacteria missing in your gut and helps us in designing the right dietary recommendations and probiotic supplements that can help ease your condition. The customers who have followed the findings and recommendations have seed major relief with issues like IBS, IBD, chronic constipation etc.

Yes, both are the same tests

Yes. The sequencing of your gi microbiome helps us understand the strength of your gut lining and also the level of permeability of your intestines

This is not a diagnostic test for sibo. However, the stool test results gives us the quantity and overgrowth of bad bacteria & fungi and hence directionally we can take an informed call about the sibo symptoms

An imbalance in your Gut microbiota (or gut flora) community is called gut dysbiosis. A gut dysbiosis test like ours helps you understand the extent of issue with your gut microbiota and helps in taking precise corrective steps towards healing your Gut

Unlocking Gut Health: Your Comprehensive Guide to Gut Microbiome Testing in India

The gut microbiome is a focal point in the quest for overall health and wellness. Tiny microorganisms living in our digestive tract form a complex ecosystem. They are key in many body functions. They help with digestion and nutrient absorption. They also regulate the immune system and mental health. Understanding your gut microbiome's composition is key to improving your health and well-being. This is where gut microbiome testing helps in a precise way.

How Gut Microbiome Affects Overall Health

The human gut is home to trillions of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Together, they form the gut microbiome or gut microbiota. These microorganisms interact with each other, influencing various physiological processes throughout the body. A diverse gut microbiome is linked to better digestion. It is also linked to stronger immunity and improved mental health. It also lowers the risk of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and inflammatory disorders.

Why Choose the Best Gut Microbiome Test?

The gut microbiome has a big impact on health. So, a gut health test to gain insights into the microbes is important. However, not all gut flora tests are performed equal. Choosing the best gut test ensures accurate and thorough analysis of your gut flora. It provides valuable information. This information can guide personalised diet and lifestyle changes for your gut health.

Finding the Best Gut Microbiome Test in India

For individuals looking for a gut microbiome test in India, Peping is a one stop solution. Our gut microbiome testing lab has advanced sequencing technologies. They analyse the composition of your gut microbiome with high precision and reliability. Also, the test results are comprehensive. Sample collection is free and easy. And, our medical team offers personalised recommendations based on your unique microbes.

Personalised Diet and Lifestyle Changes Based on Your Gut Microbiome

One of the most significant benefits of gut microbiome testing is its potential to inform personalised dietary and lifestyle interventions. By finding imbalances in your gut microbiome, you can make targeted diet and lifestyle changes. These changes will support a healthier microbial ecosystem. For example, if your gut health test shows too much harmful bacteria or a lack of diversity in your gut flora, you may benefit from eating more fiber-rich foods, probiotics, and prebiotics. Similarly, addressing factors like stress, sleep, and activity can also help your gut microbiome.

Investing in the best gut microbiome testing is a proactive step towards optimising your health and well-being. You can learn about the composition and function of your gut microbiome. This can help you make informed decisions about your diet, lifestyle, and health. With the availability of advanced gut microbiome test in India, take control of your gut health and embark on a journey towards a happier, healthier you.

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