Understand what acid reflux is and solve it timely

Symptoms of Acid Reflux

After a meal, maybe when eating out or having a particularly heavy meal have you experienced any of this?

  • Heartburn

    Heartburn or ache in the chest

  • Bitter taste

    Feeling an acidic, bitter taste at the back of your throat

  • Bloating

    Belly or stomach filled with gas and bloated

Other symptoms include nausea, burping, regurgitation of food, coughing and a hoarse voice

Here is what our expert says about acid reflux

In a nutshell, acid reflux is when acid travels up the food pipe toward the mouth. Let’s understand in more detail.

When we eat, food travels through our food pipe (oesophagus) to our stomach and then further down for digestion. To ensure food travels in the right, downward direction, a small gate-like valve is present in between the food pipe and stomach. It helps to move food down into the stomach, and closes to prevent food moving back up.

Now in our stomach, digestive acids are present. When this gate isn’t functioning optimally, stomach acid travels in the opposite direction, up the food pipe and this is known as acid reflux, often resulting in symptoms such as heartburn or a bitter taste at the back of the throat.

Ananya Somani

Acc. Practising Dietitian (Dietitians Australia)

Possible Triggers

Factors that can trigger acid reflux include

  • Overeating or having large meals

  • Eating a lot of deep fried, oily, spicy foods

  • Drinks with caffeine, soda, alcohol

  • Wearing a tight belt or pants

  • Carrying a lot of weight around the mid-section

  • Lying down soon after eating

  • Smoking

Don’t worry 40% of Indians go through Acid Reflux, here is how we plan to tackle it