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Holistic IBS Treatment

End reliance on medication to manage IBS symptoms. Heal all types of IBS disease (IBS-Diarrhea, IBS-Constipation, IBS-Mixed)

ibs treatment plan
Contributing factors to Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS symtopms can get triggered due to certain food & lifestyle choices as well as stress & anxiety

  • Food intolerances

    Our bodies develop intolerances to certain foods with time. A diet full of trigger foods is major factor in triggering IBS

  • Muscle Spasm

    When the intestinal muscle contractions are stronger than normal, it triggers IBS-D (Diarrhea) and when the contractions are weaker, it triggers IBS-C (Constipation)

  • Stress

    A weak gut-brain connection can lead to urgent bowel movement, bloating and other IBS symptoms

  • Gut Imbalance

    When the bad bacteria overpower the good bacteria, IBS symptoms can be triggered

Get freedom from Constipation, Bloating and Irregular bowels

How it works

Figure out the ibs diet that works for you

Our IBS dietitians work closely with you to identify your ibs trigger foods and eliminate those while adding healthy options

Lifestyle changes to manage ibs symptoms

Our care navigators are present to help you adhere to the lifestyle that is healthier for you

Understand about your Gut brain axis

Our experts will help you practie mindfulness and curb stress & anxiety based triggers of IBS symptoms

Experience with IBS Treatment

Sourabh D R

Hello everyone, I want to share my incredible experience with Peping and Nutritionist. I was struggling with gut health & IBS-C (irritable bowel syndrome with constipation). I had approached Peping and they appointed Kanishka, a certified nutritionist. I was frustrated and desperate for a solution and subscribed to their 21 day gut heal program. Within those 21 days, the results of my gut health were astounding. My constipation improved significantly and I'm feeling positive change every day. Their personalised meals and expert guidance have shown outstanding results in my overall gut well-being. If you are struggling with IBS-C, I highly recommend their program. I loved their dedication to client satisfaction and I'm really happy to regain control over my gut health & see a renewed sense of vitality in me.

Satish Raj

I have IBS and was severely suffering from it. The peping diet plans help me identify the trigger foods which caused symptoms and gas. The doctor was very kind and helpful

Surbhi Somani

I was detected with IBS 2 years back but always struggled with frequent flaring up of my symptoms. I've been on Dr Tarun's care plan, which has been working nicely for me. I'm happy to find out methodically what works for me and what does not. Would highly recommend Peping's care plan.

Ashat Mehta

I wanted to get off medicines for my IBS. Peping helped me in all dimensions of my journey. I could find the nutrition pan, life coach and the right Doctors all in one place. Been a subscriber of their service for few months now and would highly recommend them.

Aman Mathur

Visiting Gastro Doctors was a frequent affair for me because of IBS. Peping's care plan and daily support with the Care team was a game changer. Managing IBS has been a great experience with them and I've seen drastic changes in my condition. Earlier I would need to visit a doctor every few months when my issues would crop up but with Peping I have been able to build a routine that has helped me solve the problem at the root.

Our GI care team works closely to address the root cause of your IBS...

Optimize your treatment plan to improve results

Dr Rizwan Ahamed Z

Consultant Gastroenterologist MD DM (Gastroenterology)

Turn healthy habits into lifelong practices

Ranjani Raman

M.Sc.(DFSM), CDE, PGCPDN Certified in low FODMAP diet Member of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India(NSI)

Handle any GI-related issues that come up in daily life

Dr Tarun Sebastian Joseph

MD DM DNB Gastroenterology and hepatology

There for you during your entire journey

Sandhya Soundararajan

MSc. Psychological Counseling, Trained in Trauma-informed Psychological Interventions, Life Skills training and Hypnotherapy

What does the IBS diet plan contain

Kick off with a consultation call with our medical coach to get insight on IBS symptoms

Customised nutrition plan will be shared for the week. Based on the analysis, we recommend a certain diet

Objective is to observe the symptoms and understand the triggers of IBS

Progress will be closely tracked on WhatsApp and Trackers

Follow Up call to understand the progress of Week 1 and identify foods that might be triggering your IBS

Revised nutrition plan after removal of trigger foods with no compromise on nutrients and eating a variety of foods

Daily continued observation on WhatsApp to understand the further progress

Follow-up question on WhatsApp to understand if any IBS symptoms still persist

Recovered IBS symptoms

Summary Call to conclude the findings and recommendations to lead a healthy life free from IBS

A holistic nutrition plan consisting of 100+ food options will be sent

Details of food that is to be included, avoided and consumed in moderation

How do we help you manage stress

  • Problem Awareness

    Identification of current stress behavior and situations that trigger the IBS symptoms
    Educate on the connection between Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Stres

  • Solution

    Educate on stress cycle specific to the patient pertaining to IBS symptoms
    Formulating a customised stress management plan that helps manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Reinforcement

    Reflect on the change observed on IBS symptoms and overall wellbeing
    Additional self-supporting strategies that can be practiced independently

Your IBS treatment Plan will include

  • 3 Consultations with IBS dietitian to discuss IBS symptoms, diet plans, progress, Q&A

  • Customized Weekly Nutrition Plans to keep the trigger food and IBS at bay

  • Guidelines on Lifestyle Modification Strategies to get relief from IBS

  • 2 stress management sessions with our therapist to gain mindfulness and freedom from IBS

  • WhatsApp Support from 10 AM -7 PM

  • Trackers to update the progress

What can you expect in 21 Days

  • Reduced constipation

  • Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Reduced gastritis

  • Understanding of trigger foods

  • Understanding of healthy foods

  • Reduced bloating

  • Reduced flatulence

Looking to try a Low FOODMAP diet for IBS management?


This program is for anyone who has been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or is facing symptoms similar to that of IBS.

You will get a diet plan along with lifestyle guidelines personalised to your taste, staples and daily lifestyle. The ibs diet plan strives to push you towards a better lifestyle and we set up trackers to observe the improvement. Additionally, follow up consultations and daily support is provided to resolve any queries. We understand that sticking to a gut heal plan could be difficult and we make sure that we keep a check on your progress and work with you to help you manage your IBS.

We make sure that at the end of the program you experience drastically reduced ibs symptoms and discover a sustainable path to keep your gut healthy.

In the first consultation we will connect you with our coach. Coach will understand the issue, your symptoms, current diet and lifestyle deeply. Once we are done with understanding your gut health profile, we will prepare a personalised treatment plan for you.

Yes, Our focus in the program would be to improve your diet and lifestyle to improve your IBS symptoms. Additionally, we will try to bring lasting effects to help your reduce dependence on medications.

We understand the pain of ibs sufferers. At Peping we take a deep dive into your case, understand your issues and ibs symptoms thoroughly and then design your Gut health plan with our highly qualified Doctors, ibs dietitians, and other specialists.

Definitely. Our medical and care team are available on WhatsApp to support you through your journey of gut healing. You can easily whatsapp us via the chat button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing IBS with a Low FODMAP Indian Diet

Are you tired of battling the discomfort and distress of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? Look no further! Our IBS management program will shed light on managing IBS. It does this through a personalised diet or a low FODMAP Indian Diet. We focus on IBS symptoms and treatment. We delve into how adding the right foods to your diet can greatly reduce your IBS symptoms.

Understanding IBS: Symptoms, Causes, and Comprehensive Treatments

IBS is a common gut disorder. It can disrupt daily life with symptoms like stomach pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation. There is no known cure for IBS. But, changes to diet have helped over 1000 of Peping's patients with their IBS treatment.

What is a Low FODMAP diet?

FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates. They ferment in the gut, causing digestive discomfort in people with sensitive bowels, such as those with IBS. A Low FODMAP diet involves reducing the intake of such carbohydrates to find the right ibs problem solution.

Now, let’s explore how you can tailor an Indian diet for your ibs treatment:

1. Personalisation is the Key- What food works for others might not be your ibs problem solution. There is no template for Indian diet for ibs. You need to observe your symptoms and trigger foods. Work with a professional to make the diet fit your IBS symptoms while avoiding your trigger foods.

2. The Low Fodmap Diet: A Revolutionary Approach to IBS Treatment- Emphasise incorporating low FODMAP options into your meals. Indian cuisine offers a lot of choices such as rice, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, spinach, bell peppers, and eggplants. These ingredients form the foundation of many Indian dishes and can be used to craft delicious and IBS-friendly meals.

3. Mindful Spice Usage- Indian cooking is renowned for its vibrant and aromatic spices. While some spices like garlic and onion are high in FODMAPs and should be avoided, you can still enjoy the flavour by opting for their low FODMAP diet alternatives such as garlic-infused oil or asafoetida (hing). Add other gut-friendly spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric, and ginger. They add flavour to dishes without triggering IBS symptoms.

4. Healthy Fat Sources- Indian cuisine utilises various sources of fats like ghee, coconut oil, and mustard oil. While these are generally well-tolerated, individuals with IBS may need to moderate their intake, especially if fatty foods exacerbate symptoms. Opt for smaller portions of these fats.

5. Protein-Rich Options- Lentils, chickpeas, and tofu are staples in Indian vegetarian cuisine. They provide ample protein without the high FODMAP content in some animal proteins. Incorporate these protein sources into your meals to ensure you’re on the right track towards your ibs treatment

6. Be Mindful of Portion Sizes- Pay attention to portion sizes and listen to your body’s cues to avoid overeating. It can put unnecessary strain on your digestive system and trigger your problem.

7. Stay Hydrated- Hydration is crucial for maintaining digestive health, particularly for individuals with IBS. Drink water, opt for coconut water whenever possible. Avoid some fruit juices with high sugars and sodas.

Adding these diet changes to your life can improve your quality of life. They do this by managing IBS symptoms and treatment. But, it’s essential to remember that IBS is a complex disorder. It's influenced by many factors, including stress, lifestyle, and individual triggers. . Thus, it's advisable to work closely with a healthcare professional or dietitian specialising in gastrointestinal health to tailor a personalised Low FODMAP Indian diet plan that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Looking for ibs symptoms and treatment? Take the first step towards better digestive health today by embracing the power of food as medicine and reclaiming control over your IBS journey with Peping.

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