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Gastroentrologists, Nutritionists, Care Navigators available to heal all types of IBS (IBS-Diarrhea, IBS-Constipation, IBS-Mixed)

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Results In 3 weeks


Average drop in intensity of IBS-Constipation


Average drop in intensity of IBS-Diarrhoea


Average drop in Bloating and Flatulence intensity


Average drop in intensity of IBS-Constipation


People felt lesser stress & anxiety about their IBS symptoms

Customer Reviews

Neamh Naveed

I had a fantastic experience with Pepings, especially with Ms. Mrunal. Her guidance on trigger foods and a personalized plan helped me overcome years of IBS/Constipation issues. Grateful for the effective results!

Arani Devi

Peping is a good platform to improve your gut Health...I suffered with lots of gut issues like gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer bloating, belching,heart burn, Irritable bowel syndrome low digestive fire for the past 2years...

Sourabh D R

Hello everyone, I want to share my incredible experience with Peping and Nutritionist. I was struggling with gut health & IBS-C (irritable bowel syndrome with constipation). I had approached Peping and they appointed Kanishka, a certified nutritionist....

IBS is triggered from multiple variables & it is important to understand them

Contributing factors to IBS

Food intolerances

Our bodies develop intolerances to certain foods with time. A diet full of trigger foods is major factor in triggering IBS


A weak gut-brain connection can lead to urgent bowel movement, bloating and other IBS symptoms

Muscle Spasm

When the intestinal muscle contractions are stronger than normal, it triggers IBS-Diarrhea and when the contractions are weaker, it triggers IBS- Constipation

Gut Imbalance

When the bad bacteria overpower the good bacteria, IBS symptoms can be triggered

How it works

Figure out the ibs diet that works for you

Our IBS dietitians work closely with you to identify your ibs trigger foods and eliminate those while adding healthy options

Lifestyle changes to manage ibs symptoms

Our care navigators are present to help you adhere to the lifestyle that is healthier for you

Understand about your Gut brain axis

Our experts will help you practie mindfulness and curb stress & anxiety based triggers of IBS symptoms

Our GI care experts workclosely with you to...

Optimize your treatment plan to improve results

Dr Rizwan Ahamed Z

Consultant Gastroenterologist MD DM (Gastroenterology)

Turn healthy habits into lifelong practices

Ranjani Raman

M.Sc.(DFSM), CDE, PGCPDN Certified in low FODMAP diet Member of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India(NSI)

Handle any GI-related issues that come up in daily life

Dr Tarun Sebastian Joseph

MD DM DNB Gastroenterology and hepatology

There for you during your entire journey

Sandhya Soundararajan

MSc. Psychological Counseling, Trained in Trauma-informed Psychological Interventions, Life Skills training and Hypnotherapy

Peping's advantage to IBS management

1-on-1 consultations with a gut health expert Nutritionist

Personalised dietary & lifestyle interventions based on your Gut Health profile

Round the clock support on Whatsapp to track your symptoms intensity & frequency